Age is never a barrier when it comes to aligning your teeth and getting that beautiful smile and oral health condition you have always longed for.

Now-a-days, one in every 5 patients undergoing orthodontic treatment is an adult. Many of our patient’s parents have taken the initiative getting inspired from their kid’s treatment outcome. If malaligned teeth are left untreated, it may cause several dental problems such as cavities, gum diseases, difficulty in chewing food, temporomandibular joint disorders. These damages are not only limited to physical health, a crooked smile affects a person mentally too. They never feel confident roaming publicly……specially while clicking the pics. So its better late than never.  

The only difference between adult and kids braces treatment is, adults are non-growing individuals. So it may take slightly longer time due to maturity and density of bone. Some adults may be under medications, may have diabetes or hypertension or any other disorder, smoking, may have a habit of grinding teeth, they may have some missing teeth. All these factors may affect the outcome of the treatment. However, in such conditions, an orthodontist works in association with an oral surgeon, prosthodontist and periodontist for best results. 

When you visit an orthodontist for consultation, the orthodontist will first evaluate what exactly the problem is and what are the options to correct the same. She/he will customize the treatment goals whether the teeth need to be removed, the estimated length and the cost of the treatment.

No doubt adults are very much social, working, some are in teaching profession as well. This makes them more conscious about how braces will look or will people point them out. This is another reason why adults don’t opt for braces. But there have been so many advances in orthodontics like clear aligners which make the braces less visible and more comfortable…..fitting any lifestyle.  

So don’t wait and go grab that smile you always dreamt of. 

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