Can an Online/DIY Aligner replace Aligners provided by a qualified Orthodontist?

While an online aligner can be cheaper than aligners given by an Orthodontist, it cannot be a substitute. The alignment of the teeth can’t be altered effectively with an online aligner. Also, mail order aligners are made by people who don’t have any training in orthodontics. That means that they may not be as accurate as in-office aligners

A professional orthodontist will determine if an aligner will work best for you and give you customized guidance and the right alignment for your specific situation. The fabrication of authentic clear aligners involves scanning of your teeth and fabrication of aligners through 3D printing.
Using DIY Aligner can cost you less than authentic in-office aligners but you may end up paying extra for long term detrimental effects of these aligners on your smile and over all oral health.
If you have questions, contact a qualified Orthodontist and let them help you figure out what the best option is for your situation.

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