Dental Tips For Safer Holi

If you are a fan of the festival of colors, you should know that the colours can harm your teeth. Although the joy of the festival is a lot, it is important to protect your teeth during the festivities. It is advisable to wear dental caps and sunglasses when playing Holi to protect your teeth and avoid accidental injuries. You can also wear anti-slip shoes to prevent injuries to your face and mouth. Another safety tip is to wear the ugliest clothes possible.

Ensure that you brush your teeth before the festival and keep your teeth clean. This is an important part of safe teeth and gums. If you have a removable appliance, you should avoid wearing it. It may lead to injuries to the mouth organs and teeth. Likewise, you should wear a mouth guard or a face mask to protect your face and lips during the festivities. You can also take painkillers and anti-allergic tablets to alleviate the pain if your teeth become loose during the festival.

Despite the fact that Holi is a festival of happiness and joy, it’s still vital to protect your teeth from injury. Wearing a dental cap and sunglasses will help protect your teeth from chemical colours. You should also wear old clothes to avoid getting stained and damaged by gulal. In addition, don’t wear your favourite outfit after Holi because it will look unwearable the next day. You might even be forced to change your attire after the festival.

During Holi, the colours are a must! The bright colors are meant to be fun, but the indiscriminate use of colours can cause serious health problems. To prevent stains, wear a hat or a cap to protect your teeth. If you can’t avoid it, wear sunglasses or nail polish over it. If you’re playing holi with friends, keep the car windows shut or avoid the Dhuleti.
And the most critical thing is safeguarding your teeth against chemical-laced colors. “Stained teeth can not only affect your looks but may also shatter your confidence. While best way is to avoid getting into a situation like this by being careful, if you do get it, we recommend bleaching, scaling and polishing

Lastly, avoid smoking and excessive drinking. While these activities are great for the spirit of Holi, they can damage your teeth. Stick to water-based drinks to keep the water in your mouth at a safe temperature. Moreover, don’t overdo it. The colors used in Holi can damage your teeth if they linger on your teeth. It’s also important to remember that the colours on your teeth can stain your gums and cause bleeding gums.

Here are few dental tips for safer and joyous Holi:

  1. Save yourself from all attacks on face.
  2. Keep your eyes and lips tightly closed when attacked on face.
  3. Use mouth guards to save your teeth from unwanted stains.
  4. Wear anti slip footwear to prevent yourself from slipping on wet floor avoiding any dental injury.
  5. If using removable appliance such as a retainer / dentures, keep them at home preventing, injury, breakage, loss or staining of appliances.
  6. If you are having braces, wear mouth guard.
  7. Incase of teeth whitening on cosmetic filling, wear clear retainer.
  8. Restrict the intake of sweets and aerated beverages avoiding tooth decay.
  9. Do not brush directly after eating; Saliva being the natural defence against acid attack. Take an hour to replace the mineral that enamel looses brushing straight after eating sweets brushes away the weakend surface.
  10. Rinse your mouth immediately incase of ingestion of colors followed by drinking water. If its too late drink cold milk.
    Incase of severe injury such as:
Dislodged Tooth:
  1. Hold the tooth from crown part and not from root part.
  2. Wash if dirty, do not scrub.
  3. Place the tooth in cold milk.
  4. Immediately visit your dentist along with the tooth.
Fractured Tooth:
  1. Clean the site gently with clean gauze.
  2. Give cold compression to reduce swelling.
Incase of severe bleeding rush to the nearest hospital.

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