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Orofacial Deformities Orthognathic Surgery and Distraction

Appearance is a major concern for many people seeking treatment for orofacial deformities .Current society seems to highly value cosmetic characteristics in many branches of life. The face is the area of one´s body that maximally determines physical attractiveness. It is a primary means of identification and a rich source of nonverbal communication. At our hospital “THE FACE” Patients with jaw deformity are carefully assessed with a detailed analysis of the soft tissues, the underlying maxillofacial skeleton and dentoalveolar relationship.Some abnormalities may involve only malaligned teeth that can be corrected orthodontically with braces or other appliances.Serious growth disturbances require surgery to realign the upper and lower jaw into a more normal relationship. In most cases, the treatment consists of pre-operative orthodontics, surgery and post-operative orthodontics.

Tips & Info

The Face Hospital Tips for Healthy Children and Families

  1. Drink your meals :- When it comes to jaw surgery, one of the biggest concerns most of our patients have is about their diet. They may worry about whether they’ll be able to eat at all and if so, what.
  2. Add easy-to-chew foods:- Once you get the go ahead for solid foods
  3. Keep pain under control:- We will prescribe medication to help keep your pain under control, but we also recommend applying a warm compress to your face to soothe any discomfort. Regular application of heat not only reduces pain, but may also decrease swelling.
  4. Take care of your lips:- Chapped lips are another unfortunate side effect you may endure after your jaw surgery. Be sure to have lip balm at the ready to keep your lips moist.
  5. Give yourself the recovery time you need :- In order to recover quickly from your jaw surgery, you need to allow your body to heal. What does this mean? That depends on the specifics of your jaw surgery, but we may recommend you take a few days off from work to support your recovery process.
What is orthognathic surgery?

It is corrective jaw surgery performed by an oral & maxillofacial surgeon. Corrective jaw surgery includes a variety of different surgeries specifically designed to fix a wide range of misalignments of the jaws and teeth. For example, if you have an under-developed lower jaw that results in your lower teeth being far behind your upper teeth when you bite down, this can be corrected through a combination of orthodontic treatment (braces) followed by a jaw surgery designed to reposition the lower jaw forward.

Are all dental misalignments corrected through orthognathic surgery?

Most minor dental misalignments are corrected through orthodontic treatment alone. However, some misalignments require surgery as well.

How does the surgeon know exactly where to reposition the jaws?

Once orthodontic tooth movement is nearly completed, you will have accurate plaster models made of your teeth and photos are taken of your face, profile, and smile. A very precise CT scan and other x-rays are also done. Your proposed surgery is planned with sophisticated software that allows the surgeon to see exactly how many millimeters and degrees of movement are needed in 3 dimensions in order to bring your teeth into the proper bite and achieve symmetry of the face.