Once you are done with braces treatment, it is only half battle won. The teeth moved to new places in your jaws have to be maintained that way with retainer to prevent them from coming back to their prior position. After completing the treatment, the time duration of these retainers depends upon the complexity and the type of treatment you had. Usually, an orthodontist expects you to wear the retainers for a year. For the initial 8 months, full-time wear and for the rest of the period, only nighttime wear.

There are 3 types of retainers

There are certain instructions you have to follow to maintain those retainers.
  1. Clean your retainers once a day with a brush and soap. Avoid using toothpaste. Cleaning retainers removes food debris and eliminates odor.
  2. Avoid drinking or eating anything with retainers in your mouth.
  3. If you are not using the retainers, don’t forget to keep them in the retainer case.
  4. Keep your retainers away from heat.
Remember one thing, braces were fixed, retainers could be removable. We depend entirely on your cooperation to maintain your straightened teeth.

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